The Team

  • 19% of our staff has worked at the company for 10+ years!!
  • Our company media consumption: 16.7% Print, 33% TV & Radio, 45.5% Internet
  • 3 couples have met and married at Direct Partners

Skip Reed


Executive Management


Los Angeles

at Direct Partners since:

march 1994

media consumption:



What did you want to be as a kid?

The same as now. A kid.

What did you study back in school?

Religion and Business (aka God and Mammon).

What's a skill you taught yourself to do and are proud of?


What's the most interesting job you've had?

This one and the time I worked in a potato chip factory during college for a day. I now prefer Doritos.

Do you have pets?

Twin Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Tupac and Aziza) and an Australian Cattle Dog named Ruby.

What's your favorite food and drink?

The 4 P's of Marketing: Pizza, Popcorn, Peet's and Pepsi.